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For Individuals seeking services

What is Occupational Therapy (OT) and how can it help me or my loved one?

Occupational Therapy (OT) helps individuals overcome challenges in daily activities. It can enhance independence, manage health conditions, and provide solutions for a variety of physical and cognitive difficulties.

Do I need a doctor's referral to access Occupational Therapy services?

In many cases, a referral is not necessary. You can contact us directly to discuss your needs and schedule an assessment.

How does an Occupational Therapy assessment work?

The assessment involves evaluating functional abilities, analysing the impact of medical conditions, and understanding client goals. We then provide personalised recommendations for improving safety and independence.

How long does an OT assessment typically take, and what does it involve?

Assessments usually take 60-90 minutes, including a detailed discussion and observation of the individual's function. The amount of time will depend on the complexity of the individual's situation and the number of home modifications required.

We use this information to create a comprehensive report with recommendations.

Can Occupational Therapy help with home modifications?

Yes, OTs assess home environments and recommend modifications such as grabrails, handrails, ramps and fully accessible bathrooms, to enhance safety and accessibility, assisting you to continue living comfortably in your home.

How can OT assist with falls prevention and injury management?

By analysing movement patterns and behaviours, an OT identifies fall risks. Practical recommendations may include changes in activity methods, assistive technology suggestions, or home modifications.

Is there a difference between Occupational Therapy and other health professions like physiotherapy?

Yes, while physiotherapists focus on physical rehabilitation and exercise, OTs focus on daily activities, hobbies and the environment, considering the physical, cognitive, emotional aspects of a client's life with the goal of improving overall function. 

How Can I Schedule An Appointment For An Occupational Therapy Assessment?

You can use our referral button to provide your details and preferences. We'll then be in touch to schedule an assessment.

What geographical areas do you cover for your services?

At present we have Occupational Therapists servicing Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Upper and Lower North Shore, Hornsby shire, Hills District, and the M1 corridor.

Can I get help to fund your services

If you are eligible for Private Health Insurance you may choose to submit your receipt for a potential reimbursement. 

At this stage we do not process Medicare claims. 

We work with many Home Care Providers. If you have a Home Care Package it should be possible for your Home Care Provider to fund the OT assessment.  


We generally do not take on NDIS clients. However, we can assist with completing an OT Assessment ot assist with your initial application to the NDIS. 

Are you taking on new clients and what age group do you provide services for?

Yes absolutely we are taking on new clients. Typically we work with older adults in Sydney.

For Family Members and Care Managers

How can Occupational Therapy benefit my ageing parent or client?

OT helps individuals maintain independence by addressing challenges in daily activities, recommending assistive technology, and providing guidance on home modifications.

Why should we choose Equipped to Function for Occupational Therapy services?

Our distinctiveness lies in our professionalism, meticulous report generation, and dedication to effective communication. We prioritise the continuous needs of our clients and collaborate closely with care providers to adopt a comprehensive approach to care.

Our emphasis on clear communication, thorough report writing, and diligent follow-through on referrals has positioned us as the preferred choice for numerous large Community Care Provider Companies.

For Service Providers interested in Collaboration

How do you collaborate with service providers and builders for home modifications?

Our OT’s work directly with service providers. Providing them with a clear and detailed report, obtaining quotes for equipment and home modifications. We organise equipment trials and give a report of items trialled and clinical reasoning for the preferred choice. This helps take away all guesswork for providers and gives them confidence that they are audit ready and meeting government requirements with their client’s equipment and safety needs. 

How do you Collaborate with Builders?

We send Home Modification Builders a scope of work to quote from. The scope gives requirements for the modifications based on clinical assessment and Australian Building Standards. 

Throughout the quoting, installation of modifications, and post modifications we are available to discuss requirements and change the scope that may be needed.  After the process it is wise for the service provider or client to request the OT review the requested modifications before the final payment is made to the builder. 

How can family members and care managers be involved in the OT process?

Providing the client is consenting, we are always happy for a family member or representative to attend the OT assessment. With our clients consent, we are also happy to share our recommendations with nominated family members as we know how overwhelming as assessment can be. We will do our best to work with the client so they feel most at ease and supported.

What sets us apart?

We prioritise communication, providing detailed reports, and collaborating with care providers. Our goal is to empower clients to live independently by offering practical solutions and ongoing support.

We are a trusted preferred provider for several large local Community Care Providers.