About Us

Established in 2019, Equipped To Function comprises a highly experienced team providing professional community based Occupational Therapy services in Sydney.


It's our mission to empower clients to live their best life possible regardless of the circumstances they find themselves in. We find clients find they are able to live more comfortably and independently surrounded by a more supportive physical environment. 

We want to inform and educate allowing clients to make informed decisions to be able to continue living independently and safely at home.

What we Value

These values collectively define our company ethos, guiding our actions, decisions, and interactions to consistently deliver exceptional service and results.

Communication and Clarity

We prioritise producing accurate reports that are not only comprehensive but also presented in an easily understandable manner. Our commitment to effective communication and attention to detail focussed reporting ensures that clients, third parties, and stakeholders quickly grasp the essence of the challenges at hand. 

Client focussed Approach

We dedicate time to truly listen and understand our clients, recognising the importance of building strong relationships. Our client-focused approach extends beyond the surface, considering their home environment and individual needs. 

Innovative Thinking

We embrace knowledge and experience as the foundation of our approach. Going beyond conventional methods, we consistently think outside the box to find innovative solutions to challenges that may seem insurmountable. Our dedication to exploring new avenues sets us apart.

Empathy and Deep Understanding

Our team comprises individuals with diverse life experiences, fostering a culture of empathy. This unique perspective enables us to deeply understand the vulnerabilities our clients face. In the face of fear, defiance, denial, or a fiercely independent spirit, our experience and empathy empower us to cut through barriers, putting clients at ease, building trust, and unveiling solutions they may not have considered.

Solution focussed

We go beyond immediate problem-solving by providing recommendations and solutions that consider the ongoing needs of our clients. Our commitment extends to alleviating the fear of the unknown and empowering clients with options that extend beyond the present, ensuring a future that aligns with their preferences and well-being.

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