Occupational Therapy Solutions

Our Approach

Our AHPRA-registered Occupational Therapists, assess a client's functional ability to carry out everyday activities. Assessing the components of their physical or cognitive disability and analysing how this is restricting them from completing the activity safely or independently.  

At Equipped to Function, we commit to providing occupational therapy of the highest standard, marked by client-centred communication, collaborative practices, and a commitment to enhancing holistic wellbeing, ensuring an elevated standard of care for each individual we serve.

Elderly Couple looking at sunset

Who we Support

We work with older individuals who, despite increasing disability or frailty, are determined to continue living in their homes, addressing their reluctance to accept assistance and offering tailored solutions to enhance safety and independence. 

We support overwhelmed clients in their later years who recognise the need for help, providing guidance through the complex community care system, securing free equipment, and accessing subsidies for home modifications, alleviatingconcerns about decision-making and installation processes.

How we Offer Support

A Practical Multifaceted Approach including these recommendations:  
  • Changing the method of completing an activity; for example, to complete an activity while protecting arthritic joints, managing pain or fatigue levels. 
  • Advising about a product, piece of equipment or assistive technology that will assist the individual to remain or regain independence with a task.
  • Advising about modifications that can be made to the home environment to reduce falls risks and maximise safety around the house and garden.  
  • Advising on products or manual handling methods to support the spouse or carers stay safe and injury free.
  • Recommending when the risks of an activity or action are outweighing the benefits ie. Giving clinical reasoned advise on when to accept help.
  • Futureproofing. With good clinical understanding of medical conditions, recommendations will include both changes to prioritise now as well as products or modifications to be considered for the future.
Equipment Prescription takes into account:
  • medical conditions  
  • physical limitations 
  • weight and height
  • anthropometrics
  • pressure care needs and skin sensitivities 
  • cognitive limitations such as short-term memory issues, executive function disorders, attention and concentration 
  • visual or auditory issues