Home Modifications

From the Simple to Complex we are here to Advise You

These are just a few of the examples of home modifications the expert team at Equipped to Function can assist you with:

  • grabrails by the toilet or shower
  • hob height reduction
  • washing/drying bidet’s
  • fully wheelchair accessible bathroom
  • threshold ramp
  • full ramp system
  • stair lift
  • multi-level floor lift
  • improving accessibility to kitchen cupboard
  • improving functionality of swing doors
  • applications of slip resistant coating
  • high visibility surfaces
  • increased safety on external pathways
  • handrails

The Home Modification Assessment Process

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The process of assessing for a home modification starts with an assessment of the client’s needs.  Reviewing their medical conditions, current limitations, and the impact they feel a home modification will have on their function. The OT will then assess the client mobilising around their home and, in particular, in the space where the modification is requested.

Building standards
Building Standard Expertise

Equipped to Function have Occupational Therapists who pride themselves on having a good working knowledge of Australian Building Standards, particularly AS1428.1 relating to accessibility. Keeping up to date with the latest products and ideas enables them to tackle environmental challenges holistically and creatively, providing expert advice on all your home modification requirements.  

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Knowledge of Government Funding Schemes

Equipped to Function's OT’s have a good understanding of government funding options. They know the scope and limitations of these funders.

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In general, the OT will consider both minor and complex modifications providing the client with the limitations and benefits of both. This often provides clients short term solutions and long term considerations. 

Accessible bathroom
Aesthetics and Choice

We're also passionate about providing modifications that enhance and are in keeping with the home's aesthetics.  For example, our therapists have sourced some beautiful high-end grabrails as well as more budget friendly to suit all pockets. 

Regardless of budget and funder, we recognise the importance of involving and empowering the client throughout the home modification process. 

After the assessment a copy of the recommendations with diagrams and specifications will also be emailed to client. The client and care provider can discuss the recommendations and, if the client wishes to make changes, the OT will liaise with them about the changes and prepare a new scope of work.

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Home Modification Builders
  • Private clients are welcome to use their own builder, or we can provide recommendations of builders who specialise with home modifications to Australian Standards AS1428.1. 
  • If the home modifications are being funded through CHSP, Home Care Package or DVA,  the use of a Home Modifications Builder is highly recommended and is usually a requirement of the Care Provider.

  • A Home Modifications Builder understands disability, the building standards that relate to disability and works with the OT to get the best result for the client, not just for the now but for the future.

  • A good Home Modifications Builder will not take cheap shortcuts, because they understand the need to get the modification right to ensure it will still be functional if there is a change in their client's condition.
  • In the same way you would not choose a Concreter to Renovate your bathroom or a Tiler to Concrete your driveway, so it is important to choose a home modifications builder to complete your Home Modifications. 
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Third Party Liaison

Once an assessment has been completed, a report will be sent to the relevant government funding body such as a Home Care package, DVA or CHSP providing clinical justification for the recommended home modifications to be funded or subsidised. A scope of work will also be prepared for the Home Modifications builder to quote from. 

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A copy of the recommendations with diagrams and specifications will also be emailed to clients or their family member.  The client and care provider can discuss the recommendations, if the client wishes to make changes, the OT will liaise with them about the changes and prepare a new scope of work.

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Follow Through

If the home modification requires structural changes or is a complex space, a joint site visit may be required with both Home Modifications builder and OT on site with the client to work out the most functional and practical solution to the client's needs. A follow up visit should be completed by the OT near completion of a complex home modifications, before final payment to the builder, to ensure the scope of work has been followed, the home modification is fully functional, and meets the clients needs.