This introductory presentation was written in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic when less was understood about the potential long-term effects of the virus, and the ongoing symptoms were often dismissed by the medical community. It became apparent to me as a clinician with a long-standing special interest in ME/CFS, that post COVID-19 long haul, if not effectively managed, could develop into ME/CFS.

This presentation is an introduction to a series of videos designed to help COVID-19 long haulers manage their symptoms and return to their normal everyday activities. The focus of this video is on the importance of letting go, listening to your body’s need for rest and to stop trying to fight the virus. It’s something that can be shared with loved ones, friends and colleagues to help them understand what you are going through and how important it is for you to take time in your recovery.

These videos focus on energy conservation strategies. Each one covers a different aspect of managing your energy levels and knowing how to gauge the right level of activity your body can cope with without relapsing.The videos share practical advice and ideas which you will be able to implement in your own daily routine. By the end of the series you should feel more confident about the strategies and structure required to pace and grade your return to everyday activities and work in a controlled manner.

Managing Recovery: Session 1 - Planning